Every Woman • July 31, 2021 Rebroadcast – Marie Curie, the Radium Girls, and the Toxic J.K. Rowling

On today’s episode of Every Woman, we are dipping into our archives and rebroadcasting a great episode from July 18th of last year.

We’re going to talk about three subjects dealing with toxins and women. First we will highlight the work and inspiration of Marie Curie, the only woman to ever win two Nobel Prizes, and who gave us both a blessing and a curse of radiation in our daily lives. Then we will discuss the soon upcoming but delayed film “Radium Girls,” a chilling but true tale of the systematic poisoning of women who worked for American Radium.

We will give a radiation 101 primer for our audience, and Evil Scientist Una will even bring her Geiger counter and some uranium into the studio, so you can hear the deadly gamma ray sounds broadcast live over your radio or smart speaker! Finally, we’ll discuss briefly another woman who has become increasingly toxic – J.K. Rowling, who continues to double down (treble down?) on her transphobia, this time attacking young girls and women.

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