Every Woman • March 12th 2022 • Julissa Gillig talks with Carrie Parker

Join us at 3pm on Saturday when host Julissa Gillig has a conversation with Carrie Parker. Carrie Parker received her Doctoral Degree in Clinical Health Psychology from UMKC in 2004, followed by four years of active duty as Commissioned Officer in the Air Force. After serving her term, she worked primarily with the inpatient population focusing on trauma treatment and mindfulness practices.

In 2016, Carrie formed her own private practice  under the name Sacred Psyche providing individual, couples, and family counseling to the general population. In addition, she offers intuitive Tarot readings, leads monthly moon circles for the community and holds workshops focused on intention setting and personal growth.  You can learn more about Sacred Psyche or book a consultation with Carrie at YourSacredPsyche.com. You can also follow her on Instagram and Facebook or join her mailing list to keep up on coming happenings.

​Please join us this Saturday at 3pm central right here on 90.1 FM KKFI Kansas City Community Radio and streaming live at KKFI.ORG.

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Photo of Carrie Parker a white woman with long curly hair seated holding splayed cards
Carrie Parker

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