Every Woman • May 15th, 2021 – Rebroadcast from October 3rd 2020 – How to be “Safe in Harm’s Way!”

Join us for this week’s Every Woman, as we speak with a returning guest, Caroline Hammond! Caroline is the 2020 Boston Scientific Global Volunteer Award winner, and she has spent 30 years as a results-driven Sales and Training Professional promoting billion-dollar brands for Fortune 500 companies; thriving within human resources, training and development. Caroline serves as the Founder and CEO of Safe In Harm’s Way; built by abuse survivors for survivors.

Safe In Harm’s Way is an online bridge for survivors, giving a voice to the truth and connecting resources to leave perpetrators, plus thrive in the “after”. Safe In Harm’s Way’s founding pillar is inclusive of the unique perspective needed by people of color, men, LGBTQ community and abuse survivors. As a survivor of domestic violence, plus revival from a death-experience, Caroline uses storytelling to evoke change and has been featured on national and regional television and media broadcasts as a thought leader in the domestic violence and overcoming adversity arenas.

We will be talking to our guest about what progress has been made for helping women at risk, about the concerns many women have expressed of escalating domestic and family violence as a result of the divisive and hateful rhetoric that has been a recent undertone in politics, and how to stay safe in harm’s way as the contentious election draws closer.

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