Eyewitness account of 1982 massacre in Sabra Shatila

Ellen Siegel, an American RN, relates her eyewitness account of the 1982 massacre of refugees living in the Sabra Shatila camp in Lebanon.  She witnessed the killing of thousands of Palestinian men, women, children and elderly.  Although it was the Lebanese Philangists who executed the killing, Ellen observed the complicity of the IDF by lighting flares all night to enable the killing, and of Defense Minister Ariel Sharon, who watched the massacre from a rooftop outside the camp.  Ellen later testified before the Israeli Kahan Commission of Inquiry which led to Sharon’s resignation from the ministry. Less than two decades later Sharon became prime minister.
In the second portion of this episode we hear more of the conversation featured in our 09/09/22 episode, between Alan Edelman, Zionist, Jewish professional and Alex McDonald, non-Zionist, Quaker and activist.

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