Fake Abortion Clinics

Today’s program reveals the size and scope of the network of thousands of anti-abortion “clinics” in the US and worldwide, and some of the dangers they represent in pursuing their missions of preventing pregnant individuals from accessing abortions. Harms they may cause include purveying false and potentially lethal information, and massive coordinated collection of personal data that can be used to track those who come to them for help. These organizations enjoy the immunity of nonprofit status and many in the US are receiving public funds.

Guests on today’s program are: Frieda Werden (intro); Kate Jessica Raphael, producer and host; Anna Iglitzin, voice of the internet; Jenifer McKenna co-founder of California Women’s Law Center and co-author of the 2021 report, “Designed to Deceive”; Dr. Monica McLemore, professor of Nursing and Public Health at the University of Washington; Ashley Underwood, director of the research group, Equity Forward. Excerpted narration from the following films is also provided: a student from University of California at Riverside, from the film “Young Folks Share Their Experiences at Fake Clinics”, produced by the nonprofit Advocates for Youth; and, Bernard Nathanson, narrator of the 1984 anti-abortion film “The Silent Scream”.

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