Fallen Heroes of 2017

Thousands of local social justice organizers, activists and other leaders passed away this year. People doing crucial work in their communities, whose deaths didn’t make the headlines. On this edition of Making Contact, as we do every December, we’ll hear about some of the fallen heroes of 2017.


Dick Gregory, Sumiteru Taniguchi, Jackie Cabasso, Prudence Nobantu Mabele, Yvette Raphael, Isidro Baldenegro Lopez, Randall Gingrich, Gauri Lankesh, Anu Natarajan, Corey Dubin, Carl Weixler, Fatima Ahmed Ibrahim, Yosra Akasha, Dennis Bank.


Host: Andrew Stelzer

Special thanks to: filmmaker David Hoffman, African Women’s Development Fund,
GoldmanEnvironmental Prize, The School for the Future of Innovation in Society at Arizona State University

Voiceover for Sumiteru Taniguchi: Zach Goldberg
Voiceovers for Isidro Baldenegro Lopez: Drake Apablasa
Voiceover for Gauri Lankesh: Jessica Stelzer

Producers: Marie Choi, RJ Lozada, Anita Johnson, Monica Lopez
Executive Director: Lisa Rudman
Web Editor and Audience Engagement Director: Sabine Blaizin
Development Associate: Vera Tykulsker

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