Feminist Buddhists (can a religion with no male god be sexist?)

Continuing our series about feminism and religion, this program from the archives is about feminism and Buddhism – yet another beloved religion in which sexism can distract from the good stuff.  This program’s featured speaker is Sandy Boucher, a former Buddhist nun and author of “Turning The Wheel: American Women Creating the New Buddhism”, and eight other books including “Opening the Lotus, A Woman’s Guide to Buddhism”. She also publishes articles on Tricycle.org.

The interviewer is the late Sue Supriano, who hosted the community radio series “Steppin’ Out of Babylon” for many years. This program has been updated by Women’s International News Gathering Service (WINGS) series producer Frieda Werden. WINGS has been covering the global women’s movement and related issues for community radio since 1986. Contact WINGS at  [email protected].

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