Fighting for Religious Rights and Traditions

We begin at a rally in Rockville, Maryland organized by the Montgomery County Chapter of Moms for Liberty alongside conservative Muslim and Orthodox Christians where parents are challenging the inclusion of LGBTQ+ stories in English Language Arts classes.  Demanding an opt-out in the name of their religious rights is mobilizing a surprising regional coalition that is diverse and drawing heavily from immigrant communities and how a faith-based campaign Faith for Pride is pushing back.  Then, we travel back to Northern California with producer Judy Silber for another installment in the special series, A Prayer for Salmon, produced by The Spiritual Edge.

The Rainbow and Religion 

We begin this episode at a rally in Montgomery County, Maryland where a battle over gender-inclusive policies has triggered a series of angry protests and demands by a new coalition of parents with Moms for Liberty, and conservative parents supported by the Council of American Islamic Relations and the Religious Freedom Institute.  Then we hear about a new campaign to bring together people of faith and goodwill to respond to the challenges to LGBTQ+ policies, books, and legislation around the country.

A Prayer for Salmon continues.

This installment of A Prayer For Salmon begins with the creation story of the Winnemem Wintu. At a sacred spring high up on Mt. Shasta, the Winnemem Wintu leaders recount the beginnings of the world when salmon gave up their voices so that humans could speak. They now feel a special obligation to defend salmon in return for this gift. A biologist details Chinook salmon’s catastrophic decline since the arrival of Euro-American settlers to California and the Northwest and producer Judy Silber explores the facets of the indigenous story and the history.

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