Finding Amy McGowan……Unethical; and Peace Activists Jane and Henry Stoever Are Convicted Of Wanting To Save The World From Nuclear Weapons

Finding Amy McGowan……Unethical

Amy McGowan has retired from the Douglass County Prosecutor’s office under pressure from the claims of prosecutorial misconduct. The ruling that set Ricky Kidd free has given those who want to hold Amy McGowan accountable for her long history of unethical behaviour the language they needed to get the Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel to act. KC Freedom Project, Free Ma People, Mothers of Incarcerated Sons and Daughters, Consolidated Social Work Services and more have come together to gather and deliver dozens of complaints in an effort to have OCDC revoke her licence to practice law. To that end these groups have traveled from KCMO to Lawrence, KS, Topeka, KS and Jefferson City, MO to hold protests and deliver official complaints.

Host Latahra Smith will be telling us what is next in the fight for justice for the victims of Amy McGowan’s misconduct. She will be asking the question who else has a duty to step up and take responsibility for enabling this behaviour? How do we keep the pressure on the OCDC to actually take action? What other cases should have complaints filed against her? We will have a short period to take calls from you, our listeners so have your questions and complaints ready to go.

Peace Activists Jane and Henry Stoever Are Convicted Of Wanting To Save The World From Nuclear Weapons

Every year on Memorial Day PeaceworksKC and other local anti-nuclear weapons activists, gather to walk from the site of the Old nuclear weapons plant on Bannister Road to the new plant on the former Richards Gebaurer Air Force Base in South KC. Part of that demonstration includes some of the demonstrators crossing over onto the property of the facility to be arrested. Jane and Henry Stoever have been taking part in these actions for many years and were arrested this year at the plant.

Host Margot Patterson talks with Jane and Henry Stoever about their activism, their arrest, their trial and the sentence they will receive for which they have been convicted for standing up for their convictions.

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