Folk Alliance International Take Over of The Tasty Brew Music Radio Show~

A special 4 HOUR Edition of the Tasty Brew Music Radio Show on KKFI 90.1 FM coming at you Friday May 20 with artists in Kansas City for the Folk Alliance International Conference! So far, here is the lineup. The show starts at 9:00 AM Central!  Between the Lines, Understanding Israel Palestine and Barnaby Druthers will return to their regularly scheduled time slot next week.
9:10 AM HuDost phone interview with Moksha Sommer from Montreal, Quebec
9:30 AM – Geneviève Racette from Montreal, Quebec
10:00 AM – Goldpine Music from Nashville, TN
10:30 AM – Rigby Summer from Stillwater, OK and Christian Wallowing Bull from Lodge Grass, MT
11:00 AM – Claudia Nygaard from Nashville, TN
11:30 AM – Sarah King Sings from Ripton, Vermont, USA
12:00 AM Pi Jacobs from San Francisco, CA
12:30 AM Tim Easton from Nashville, TN
Turn your radio on!

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