Foolkiller Mix Tape

A hundred thousand THANK YOUS to the wonderful folks who called in last week, met the Champion Matches, and pushed Foolkiller Folk over that day’s fundraising goal. We are proud of how you came together to keep KKFI on the air!

The entire crew is back again this week honoring KKFI’s 35th Anniversary by sampling our favorite music for you during the Winter Pledge Drive. Tune in hear everything we didn’t get to play for you last week, join the chat around 35 years of KKFI, and learn what your tax-deductible donations do to keep community radio alive in Kansas City and how you can contribute to help make our brand new goal.

Call 888.931.0901; go to; or find the Facebook fundraiser to contribute to KKFI. Any amount is gratefully accepted, but if you can contribute $10/month (or a one-time gift of $120) you can select the new KKFI t-shirt as a thank-you gift. If you can contribute $16.67/mth (or $200 as a one-time gift) you can be a guest DJ on KKFI (a surprising number of folks with ongoing shows started out that way). And if you can contribute $600 ($50/mth), you can sponsor an ENTIRE DAY of KKFI and you can have a personal PSA for that day (we help you record a 30-second message to be broadcast several times over the course of the day)

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