Fractivists: Slowing the Gas Rush

In the past few years, natural gas fracking has become a near-household word as landowners in the path of drilling have mounted efforts to slow its rapid pace of development in the U.S. and worldwide. We continue our coverage of this crucial issue with a program about citizen efforts across partisan lines to raise questions about the downsides of fracking and promote what they consider to be cleaner, greener alternatives.

Jeanne Shenandoah, Citizen of the Onondaga Nation, Eel Clan, Syracuse, New York
Joe Heath, Onondaga Nation General Counsel
Sarah Buckley, cofounder of an upstate New York urban-rural coalition against fracking; PUSH member
Aaron Bartley, Executive Director, People United for Sustainable Housing (PUSH), Buffalo, New York
Michael Passoff, Consultant/Senior Strategist, As You Sow
Josh Fox, Writer, Producer, Gasland;  Founder, Artistic Director, International WOW Company

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