Fred Slough talks with David Bell

Our Jaws of Justice Radio Hour will have a live interview of Fred Slough by host David Bell.  Fred began his legal career as a criminal defense attorney who wanted to try cases to juries. This experience has proven invaluable to him and his clients. He is highly respected among judges, clients, and attorneys alike. He has tried a wide variety of civil matters, including serious personal injury cases, important employee rights claims, freedom of speech and other constitutional issues, and many other types of litigation. Fred Slough advocates for justice in its broadest context – and that includes both the attainment of what is just and the philosophical discussion of what is just.

We will play the Calendar in the second half of our program and play the 420 Drug War News at the end of the program.

The pandemic is forcing a reset button in the criminal justice system. When the pandemic ends, we may find that we have a new normal. The old normal seems to be fading fast.


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