Freeze Frame: “The Lost City” PG-13, “Infinite Storm” (R), “All My Friends Hate Me” (R)

Anyone who has seen the classic 1984 romantic action comedy “Romancing the Stone” may feel a bit of deja vu watching the slapstick adventure movie “The Lost City.” Sandra Bullock plays Loretta, a romance novelist kidnapped by a wealthy bad guy, played by Daniel “Harry Potter” Radcliffe. He needs her understanding of hieroglyphics to decipher an ancient text leading to priceless treasure on a tropical island. Channing Tatum is a vain cover model who tries to prove he’s a real hero by rescuing Loretta. It’s a modestly successful popcorn flick thanks to its likable leads and lighthearted screwball atmosphere. Plus, Brad Pitt is a hoot in a brief supporting role. You won’t find gold in “The Lost City,” but you may find some welcome escapism.


The thriller “Infinite Storm” takes the opposite approach to the adventure genre than “The Lost City.” It’s a harrowing true story about an experienced mountain hiker played by Naomi Watts, who attempts to save a man she finds stranded on a Mt. Washington peak during a severe blizzard. The excruciating trauma these two endure on the mountain reflects the trauma in their personal lives. Their agonizing experiences can be quite hard to watch, but “Infinite Storm” is a thoughtful and well-acted arthouse opus.


New on video on demand, “All My Friends Hate Me” is a British horror comedy that, while smart and well executed, is more excruciating to watch than “Infinite Storm.” Tom Stourton plays a vain 30-something man who reunites with a group of old friends to celebrate his birthday. They essentially put him through a weekend of psychological torture. Are they punishing him for something or is he suffering from paranoia? As the cliche goes, with friends like these, who needs enemies?

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