Freeze Frame: “A Quiet Place: Part II” (PG-13), “Cruella” (PG-13), “Blue Miracle” (Not rated)

The long-delayed sequel to filmmaker John Krasinski’s wildly original sci-fi horror thriller has finally arrived in theaters. “A Quiet Place: Part II” is a worthy follow-up that seems even more timely as we emerge from quarantine. The blind aliens with acute hearing continue to wreak havoc on humanity as one family tries desperately to remain out of earshot. This PG-13 horror film succeeds thanks to earnest acting, a smart script and sharp editing. “A Quiet Place: Part II” sounds like a winner to me.


Disney has created yet another origin story for one of their most memorable villains. The PG-13 rated offering “Cruella” stars Oscar winner Emma Stone as the titular fashionista we first met in “101 Dalmatians.” Set in London’s Mod 70s, “Cruella” shows how this orphaned waif became a stylish street criminal trying to break into the world of haute couture. While Stone is fine in the role, Oscar winner Emma Thomas steals the movie as a nasty baroness who controls the fashion industry by hook or crook. While the look of the film is sumptuous, “Cruella” is overlong and dramatically clunky. Thank goodness for Thompson. Her presence makes “Cruella” a Disneyfied version of “The Devil Wears Prada.”


“Blue Miracle” is yet another feel-good movie based on an inspiring true story. Dennis Quaid and Jimmy Gonzales star in the tale of a Cabos San Lucas orphanage on the verge of financial ruin. In a long-shot attempt to save their home, the orphans and their guardian enter a lucrative fishing contest, partnering with an aging, has-been former fishing champ. Can they beat the odds? Hey, I said it was a feel-good story, right? Yes, it’s very predictable, but this likable family-friendly fishing movie just might hook you.


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