Freeze Frame: “After the Wedding” (PG-13), “This is Not Berlin” (Not rated)

Two of America’s finest actresses attempt a gender flip remake of the acclaimed 2006 Danish drama, “After the Wedding.” Julianne Moore and Michelle Williams both do terrific wrok here, but their performances aren’t enough to help this soapy reboot make an effective emotional connection. Moore plays a zillionaire corporate executive who manipulates the charity-minded Williams into attending her daughter’s wedding. Things get increasingly implausible as we discover her ulterior motives. “After the Wedding” is watchable, but only for the chance to see two formidable talents share the screen. “After the Wedding” is no honeymoon.


If tales of sex, drugs and eighties rock give you pangs of nostalgia, then the unrated Mexican drama “This is Not Berlin” may have some appeal for you. The bohemian nightlife scene of 80s Mexico City provides the backdrop for this coming-of-age story about a couple of teen boys who get in over their heads when they explore their town’s equivalent of Andy Warhol’s Factory. While the movie effectively establishes a gritty atmosphere and captures a sense of time and place, the story is very self-indulgent and off-putting and the various plot points are tied up a bit too neatly. Intentional or not, “This is Not Berlin” comes off as a cautionary tale about avoiding the avant-garde art scene.


Also opening this week, “Killerman” is a Liam Hemsworth thriller about a money launderer who wakes up one morning with millions in cash and amnesia. “Bennett’s War” is a drama about an Army motorcyclist recovering from injuries who must get back on the bike to help his family. “Don’t Let Go” is a time travel thriller starring David Oyelowo. “Greener Grass” is a bizarre surrealist comedy that takes place in an otherworldly suburbia. “Depraved’” is a 21st century update of the Frankenstein story.

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