Freeze Frame: “Bad Education” (TVMA), “All Day and a Night” (R), “Beastie Boys Story” (R), “Deerskin” (R), “The Wretched” (R)

As our local cinemas are still temporarily closed, this week’s Freeze Frame will concentrate on NEW movies that can be streamed at home.


Hugh Jackman and Allison Janney give terrific performances in the strange but true HBO film, “Bad Education.” Jackman plays a popular Long Island school superintendent who was in charge when millions in district dollars went missing. “Bad Education” is a darkly funny exposé of human greed.


“All Day and a Night” is a Netflix drama about a wannabe rapper, played by Ashton Sanders who contemplates his life in flashback when he winds up in the same prison housing his estranged father, portrayed by Jeffrey Wright. It’s a realist but profoundly sad look at the cycle of violence that is all too difficult to break.


Apple TV+ is offering the documentary, “Beastie Boys Story.” Original band members Adam Horowitz and Mike D tell their own story in an involving live theatrical presentation directed by Spike Jonze. While you don’t need to be a fan of the iconoclastic rappers to enjoy it, it helps.


Oscar winning actor Jean Dujardin gives a daring performance in the très bizarre French black comedy, “Deerskin,” now available on the site. Dujardin plays a recently separated man who starts taking orders from a newly purchased deerskin jacket. “Deerskin” is a smart but violent and bizarre oddity.


You throw out a dare to movie critics when you title your film, “The Wretched.” This grisly horror flick is drive-in fodder about a witch-like woodland flesh eater that causes people to forget family members. “The Wretched” is very familiar except for one clever twist at the end.


Your local art house theaters are offering online viewing options for a number of intriguing movie titles. More information is available at,, and

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