Freeze Frame: “Brittany Runs a Marathon” (R), “Tigers Are Not Afraid” (Not Rated), “Rapid Response” (PG-13), “David Crosby: Remember My Name” (R), “Satanic Panic” (R)

Jillian Bell gives a star-making performance in the comic drama, “Brittany Runs a Marathon,” the story of an overweight Manhattan party girl who tries to break out of her personal rut through running. It’s smart and often funny. The only problem is that this story about a marathon is its pace. Still, “Brittany” finishes strong.

“Tigers Are Not Afraid” is a Mexican horror fantasy for the arthouse crowd. The drug wars and childhood homelessness cross paths with magic realism in this beautifully filmed but disturbing and gritty adult fairytale. It doesn’t all work, but it’s impressive just the same.

Wanna see lots of spectacular car wrecks? Then the Indy car film “Rapid Response” fills the bill. It’s about the rise of emergency medical teams on race sites and the safety protocols that have significantly reduced injuries and fatalities over the years. It’s a surprisingly engaging documentary.

“David Crosby: Remember My Name” is a documentary about the notoriously contemptuous rock icon who managed to alienate virtually everyone he worked with while simultaneously making some great pop music. While involving, the movie is as enigmatic as its subject.

Rebecca Romijn stars as the head of a witches’ coven searching for a virgin sacrifice in the grisly horror comedy, “Satanic Panic.” It ain’t subtle, but it may provide a few depraved laughs for the midnight movie crowd.

Also opening this week, the evil clown Pennywise is back in the Stephen King horror sequel, “It: Chapter 2” Twenty-seven years after defeating the killer clown, the “Losers’ Club must reunited to face their enemy once again. Bill Hader, Jessica Chastain join the adult cast for this three hour epic. “Hex” is a horror thriller about a malevolent force that fouls up a couple’s romantic holiday.

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