Freeze Frame: “Creed III” (PG-13), “Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre” (R), “They Wait in the Dark” (Not rated), “Turn Every Page” (PG-13)

“Creed III” has Michael B. Jordan. Check. Jonathan Majors is solid as his nemesis. Check. It has well-staged boxing scenes. Check. It’s no knockout by any means, but those three checks are enough to make the third installment in the “Rocky” spinoff series worth a look for fans who love the boxing movie genre. It marks Jordan’s directorial debut, and his work is more than competent. “Creed III” should have some box office punch.

While it has all the requisite elements for an action thriller, “Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre” excels at none of them. Guy Ritchie’s James Bond wannabe stars Jason Statham as a backside-kicking special ops agent and Aubrey Plaza as an acerbic computer whiz. They try to retrieve a super hacking device from some billionaires bent on world domination. “Operation Fortune” has plenty of mayhem, explosions, and eye candy, but it’s all in service of a third-rate script.

Filmmaker Patrick Rea’s newest entry “They Wait in the Dark” is an eerie locally made horror thriller now available on most video on demand platforms. Sarah McGuire gives a solid performance as a woman who takes her son into hiding when they’re threatened by her violent ex-partner. But supernatural forces follow as well. “They Wait in the Dark” is a tight, well-paced little chiller.

“Turn Every Page-The Adventures of Robert Caro and Robert Gottlieb” is a documentary about the fifty-year relationship between legendary 86-year-old historical writer Robert Caro and his 91-year-old editor Robert Gottlieb. Directed by Gottlieb’s daughter Lizzie, “Turn Every Page” is a fascinating and involving behind the scenes glimpse of these literary titans and their sometimes-contentious affiliation, a partnership that continues to this day.

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