Freeze Frame: “Deep Water” (R), “Windfall” (R), “Master” (R)

The Hulu movie “Deep Water” desperately wants to be an erotic thriller like some of director Adrian Lyne’s earlier films like “Fatal Attraction.” Sadly, this poorly paced adaptation of Patricia Highsmith’s novel is fatal, but there’s little attraction. Ben Affleck portrays a wealthy snob who may or may not be killing off his promiscuous wife’s lovers.


You can’t blame Affleck or Ana de Armas, who both give it their all, but this lurid movie lacks the punch that a suspense expert like Alfred Hitchcock would have provided. As is, “Deep Water” is deeply dull.


A terrific performance by Jesse Plemons is wasted in the scatterbrained Netflix crime drama “Windfall.” Plemons plays an egotistical, narcissistic billionaire who arrives at his remote vacation retreat with his beautiful trophy wife, played by Lily Collins, only to be held hostage by an inept burglar, played by Jason Segal.


The screenwriters were attempting a commentary about social inequities and corporate greed, but, except for Plemons, the characters and their motives are underdeveloped. “Windfall” hits no jackpot for viewers.


Regina Hall and Zoe Renee give thoughtful performances in the offbeat Amazon Prime horror entry, “Master.” Hall plays the first African American head of students, a master, at a prestigious, predominately white Massachusetts college. She and an African American freshman begin having haunting paranormal experiences involving the schools’ historical entanglement with the occult. First time filmmaker Mariama Diallo tells a story of ingrained racism through the genre of supernatural horror. While it lacks real suspense or scares, “Master” is a sly and astute commentary on cultural appropriation.

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