Freeze Frame: “Fast X” (PG-13), “Carmen” (R), “Rare Objects” (R), “White Men Can’t Jump” (R)

If you’re a fan of the “Fast and the Furious” franchise, you already know that you need to check your brain at the theater door. So, let’s just say that “Fast X” is yet another James Bond wannabe that is predictably silly with an over-the-top performance by Jason Momoa as the new bad guy. It’s mildly entertaining, but after 2-hours and 21-minutes of CGI-generated wheel spinning, “Fast X” leaves the audience with a ridiculous cliffhanger. That might make even die-hard “Fast and the Furious” fans furious.

The arthouse musical drama “Carmen” was written and directed by famed dancer and choreographer Benjamin Millepied, loosely inspired by Bizet’s classic opera. Melissa Barrera portrays a Mexican immigrant aided by American Paul Mescal who kills to protect her. They sing and dance their way to LA as they evade the law. The original musical numbers are engaging, but “Carmen” is an opaque cinematic experiment that never hits a dramatic stride.

The low-key drama “Rare Objects” was written and directed by Katie Holmes, adapted from the novel by Kathleen Tessaro. In this revised version, a young woman, struggling with tragedy and fresh out of rehab, tries to rebuild her life by taking a job at an antiques gallery. It’s well-meaning and warmly embraces its flawed characters, but the rambling structure of “Rare Objects” prevents it from achieving much of an emotional impact.

Sinqua Walls and rapper Jack Harlow star in the Hulu update of the classic basketball movie, “White Men Can’t Jump.” This substantially revised reboot is irreverent and good-humored, benefitting from some clever dialogue and the charisma of its stars. It won’t make you forget the original, but the new version of “White Men Can’t Jump” is a cheerfully cheeky sports comedy.

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