Freeze Frame: “Free Guy” (PG-13), “CODA” (PG-13), “Beckett” (Not rated)

The star of “Deadpool” and the director of “Night at the Museum” team up and the results are just what you’d expect. “Free Guy” is a visually elaborate comic fantasy with a snarky PG-13 edge. Ryan Reynolds plays a background character in a violent video game who doesn’t know he isn’t real. Things get tricky when he achieves artificial intelligence and tries to break out and exert some self-control. Reynolds’ charisma and a buoyant tone help make up for some over-the-top silliness. “Free Guy” will seem a lot better if you see it for free.

“CODA” was the big winner at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. Emilia Jones plays a teenager, the only hearing member of a deaf family, who runs into resistance when she pursues a scholarship to a music school. Oscar-winner Marlee Matlin plays her confused but empathetic mom. While it’s predictable and a bit earthy for a PG-13 movie, “CODA” is a sweet natured and touching drama with terrific performances. By the way, “CODA” stands for Children of Deaf Adults.


John David Washington again shows his leading man mettle in the Hitchcock-like thriller, “Beckett.” Washington plays an American tourist in Greece who experiences a tragic accident. He goes on the run after a series of coincidences puts him deep in a political conspiracy and in the crosshairs of the police and criminals. “Beckett” stretches credibility to the limit but is an entertaining and zippy action flick.


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