Freeze Frame: “Hit Man” (R), “Ezra” (R), “Babes” (R), “Summer Camp” (PG-13)

Glen Powell co-wrote, produced and stars in Netflix’s tongue-in-cheek thriller, “Hit Man.” Richard Linklater directed this surprisingly sunny neo-noir entry, where Powell plays a nerdy teacher who poses as a slick hitman to help the cops entrap wannabe murderers. Things get dicey when he falls for a beautiful femme fatale, played by Adria Arjona. While it’s certainly amoral, it’s also clever and involving. “Hit Man” is a hit.

In the sweet-natured comic drama “Ezra,” Bobby Cannavale gives a strong performance as a struggling standup comic who takes his autistic son on an ill-advised road trip to escape the influence of doctors and authorities. Young William Fitzgerald is credible in the title role and the capable supporting cast includes Robert De Niro and Rose Byrne. A committed ensemble positive vibe helps to smooth over some of the movie’s maudlin elements.

Inseparable friends face pregnancy together in the often crude and rude comedy, “Babes.” Ilana Glazer wrote the script and stars as a promiscuous single who leans a bit too heavily on her bestie and mother of two, charmingly played by Michelle Buteau. If coarse humor turns you off, “Babes” isn’t for you. For others, it’s an often funny and occasionally touching look at unshakable female bonds.

The considerable efforts of three gifted actresses, Diane Keaton, Alfre Woodard and Kathy Bates, can’t save the trite and tired comedy, “Summer Camp.” They play friends who reunite for their 50th camp reunion and old resentments reemerge. I’m glad these ladies are getting work, but “Summer Camp” is enough to make you swear off reunions.

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