Freeze Frame: “Pig” (R), “I Carry You With Me” (R), “Deep” (TV-MA), “Die in a Gunfight” (R)

The unconventional career of Oscar-winner Nicholas Cage just got a bit more offbeat.. He gives a brilliant, nuanced performance in his latest film, the eccentric comic drama “Pig.” Cage plays a hermit living in the Oregon woods who goes on a bizarre adventure in an attempt to retrieve his stolen truffle-sniffing pig. Writer/director Michael Sarnoski explores some thought-provoking existential themes, creating a moody, touching and often funny movie. “Pig” flies its oddball flag with honor.


The Spanish language entry “I Carry You With Me” won the Audience Award at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. It’s a true story about a gay Mexican man who decides to leave his partner and young son behind, and illegally immigrate to the US to pursue a career as a chef. Throughout most of the film, the roles are played by actors, but in the final segment, the roles are played by the real people the actors portrayed. The movie explores the sacrifices the main character makes and grapples with the question of whether his actions were necessary or selfish. “I Carry You With Me” is a very low-key and dreamlike love story.


“Deep” is a Netflix horror film from Thailand about some young med students who agree to take part in a sleep-depravation experiment. But the people behind the study have nefarious motives. The movie is directed more like a pop music video than a horror film, so the scares are negligible. “Deep” is a horror film for the TikTok generation.


If a Quentin Tarantino wannabe adapted a contemporary comic book version of “Romeo and Juliet,” it might look a bit like “Die in a Gunfight.” Diego Boneta and Alexandra Daddario star in this cynical romance that has flashes of inspired decadence but is a bit too self-satisfyingly hip for its own good.


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