Freeze Frame: “Project Power” (Not rated), “Endless” (PG-13), “Sputnik” (R), “Day 13” (Not rated), “What We Found” (Not rated)

The star power of Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the only thing powering Netflix’s “Project Power,” a silly, overblown sci-fi action flick about a street drug that provides short-lived superpowers. The premise showed promise, but the plot gets goofier as it goes along. Try not to laugh.


“Endless” is a morose paranormal romance that plays like a dull reworking of the 1990 film “Ghost.” Alexandra Shipp plays a teen whose boyfriend, who was killed in a car wreck she caused, comes back in spirit to console her. Shipp’s presence helps, but not enough to console viewers.


“Sputnik” is a genuinely chilling and extremely well-made sci-fi horror offering from Russia about a cosmonaut who brings back a malevolent parasite from space. This grisly thriller has more intelligence and thematic depth than you might expect. Just be prepared to be creeped out.


“Day 13” on the other hand, is a boring horror flick about a teenage who notices strange goings on by new neighbors across the street. Nothing happens until the movie’s final moments, and then it devolves into a laughable avalanche of bad special effects.


“What We Found” is a suspense thriller about middle school kids who try to unravel the mystery when one of their classmates goes missing. A capable and appealing cast give this little indie a boost, but the rambling pace and improbable plot elements make “What We Found” flounder.


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