Freeze Frame: “Radioactive” (PG-13), “The Rental” (R), “The Big Ugly” (R), “Yes, God, Yes” (R), “Babysplitters” (R)

Rosamund Pike’s solid performance is the main attraction of the arthouse biopic, “Radioactive,” the story of Madame Curie and her discovery of radium. Scenes that jump forward in time to illustrate the ultimate effects of her pioneering work are awkward and heavy handed. But “Radioactive” still serves as an informative primer about the world’s first female Noble Prize winner.


“The Rental” is a genuinely creepy horror effort that marks the directorial debut of actor Dave Franco. Dan Stevens and Alison Brie star in this story about two couples on a weekend retreat who are stalked by a video-savvy peeping tom. The territory it covers is all-too familiar, but “The Rental” is a well-acted thriller that manages to effectively ratchet up the tension.


“The Big Ugly” is a film noir opus that feels like a 1970s drive-in throwback. Vinnie Jones, Malcom MacDowell and Ron Perlman star in the story of a British mobster whose bodyguard goes on a bloody quest for revenge when his girlfriend is murdered in rural Appalachia. It’s atmospheric…and sadistic.


Natalia Dyer from “Stranger Things” stars in the coming-of-age comic drama, “Yes, God, Yes, “ about a Catholic teenager, guilt-ridden because of her self-pleasuring. She goes on a religious retreat only to learn that her shame is something that could be shared by all. “Yes, God, Yes” is a modestly effective, low-key social polemic.


Dani Pudi from TV’s “Community” stars in “Babysplitters,” a comedy about two childless couples who decide to conceive a single baby between them and divide the responsibilities. It’s a raunchy sitcom that wears out its welcome well before its two-hour running time.


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