Freeze Frame: “Scream VI” (R), “Champions” (PG-13), “The Quiet Girl” (PG-13)

At one point in the absurd slasher sequel “Scream VI,” a stabbing victim says, “**** this franchise.” I agree. While it delivers the tongue-in-cheek chills that fans of these movies go for, it doesn’t add anything new except a location, New York City. Courtney Cox is back dodging knives for the sixth time and Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega are here for their second go-round. There are only so many twists that can be taken before a plot ultimately breaks. Fans, though, will make sure that “Scream VI” slices up the box office, although this slasher formula has become very tired.

Woody Harrelson and a likable cast add a lot to the dated but upbeat comedy, “Champions.” Harrelson plays a disgraced basketball coach who serves some mandated community service time by coaching a team of kids with mental challenges. He learns some valuable life lessons along the way. Director Bobby Farrelly of “Dumb and Dumber” fame tries his hand at creating an inspirational sports movie with modest results. “Champions” is a featherweight and predictable, but it’s still a breezy feel-good flick.

“The Quiet Girl” is one of the films nominated for this year’s Best International Feature Oscar. This Irish language drama marks an impressive debut for filmmaker Colm Bairéad. Set in rural Ireland in the early 1980s, it follows a shy nine-year-old girl named Cáit, beautifully played by young Carrie Crowley, who is neglected by her parents. She’s sent to spend the summer with her mother’s cousin who runs a dairy farm. Thanks to its realism and heartfelt treatment, what could have been cloying and sentimental is instead profoundly moving. “The Quiet Girl” is a cinematic gem.

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