Freeze Frame: “She Said” (R), “Spirited” (PG-13), “Disenchanted” (PG), “The Menu” (R), “A Christmas Story Christmas” (PG)

“She Said” is a timely journalist procedural in the fashion of “All the President’s Men” and “Spotlight.” It depicts the efforts of two New York Times reporters, played by Carrie Mulligan and Zoe Kazan, to expose the sexual misconduct allegations surrounding movie producer Harvey Weinstein. Their discoveries helped spark the #MeToo movement. While this lengthy movie has some pacing issues, it’s a smart, involving and highly detailed film that is a fitting commentary on our times.

Will Farrell and Ryan Reynolds team up for a full-blown holiday musical comedy, “Spirited,” now on Apple TV+. It’s a goofy and broad reworking of the themes from “A Christmas Carol,” and in spite of being overlong and obvious, it is still a funny, crowd-pleasing lark that leans heavily on the likability of its stars.

“Disenchanted” on Disney+ is a sequel to the hit 2007 fantasy, “Enchanted,” Amy Adams is back as Giselle, the princess from the fairytale world adjusting to life in the suburbs. Some of the enchantment is missing in this generic sequel, but it’s still a tuneful, family friendly musical.

If you’re a foodie and prefer your comedy pitch black, then order up the mordant horror comedy “The Menu.” Ralph Fiennes is scary as a celebrity chef presiding over a cryptic meal attended by wealthy elites. The movie offers a serving of social commentary as it skewers the one percent.

Ralphie is back! The 1983 comedy “A Christmas Story” has become a perennial holiday classic. Peter Billingsley, the original Ralphie, returns 30 years later as an adult, in the affable HBO Max sequel, “A Christmas Story Christmas.” It pointedly follows the first movie’s style template to a fault, but fans of the original should have a bit of nostalgic fun reuniting with these homespun characters.

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