Freeze Frame: “The 24th” (Not rated), “Unhinged” (R), “The Vanished” (R), “Words on Bathroom Walls” (PG-13), “The Sleepover” (Not rated), “The One and Only Ivan” (PG), “Tesla” (PG-13)

Oscar winning filmmaker Kevin Willmott’s drama “The 24th” is a harrowing depiction of the intolerable racism that led to the 1917 mutiny of an all-black US infantry division. Trai Byers leads a solid cast in this true story that ably illuminates a dark episode in American history.


Russell Crowe’s bloodcurdling performance fuels “Unhinged,” a sadistic thriller about a psycho with road rage. It’s tense and well made, but the wheels fall off due to some improbable plot elements.


Plot absurdities also plague “The Vanished,” an unnerving thriller starring Thomas Jane and Anne Heche about a couple whose daughter goes missing during a camping vacation. If you stick it out until the end, your eyes will be rolling.


Taylor Russell and Charlie Plummer are excellent in the YA drama “Words on Bathroom Walls,” a sympathetic look at a teen with schizophrenia. It’s modestly effective thanks to its unique visual approach.


“The Sleepover” is Netflix family comedy about kids who embark on an adventure when they discover that their mom is a black ops-trained international jewel thief. It’s wacky, but surprisingly funny and powered by an amusing cast.


“The One and Only Ivan” is a sweet-natured DisneyPlus flick, an adaptation of the children’s book that uses a mix of live action and CGI to tell the story of a gorilla who stars in a small circus in a mall. It’s got the high gloss Disney sheen and may even evoke a tear or two.


Ethan Hawke stars in the artsy, avant-garde biopic, “Tesla,” about the struggles that the brilliant inventor faced during America’s Gilded Age. The offbeat approach to this tale about the conflict between altruistic science and unbridled capitalism doesn’t quite generate the electricity it had hoped for.


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