Freeze Frame: “The Fall Guy” (PG-13), “Jeanne du Barry” (Not rated), “Unfrosted” (PG-13), “The Idea of You” (R)

Ryan Gosling is on a roll. His latest movie, “The Fall Guy” is a cheeky big screen adaptation of the 1980s TV series that starred Lee Majors. Gosling plays a movie stuntman who takes a gig on a film directed by his ex-girlfriend, played by Emily Blunt. Director David Leitch is himself a stuntman and one of the best stunt directors around. “The Fall Guy” is overlong and goofy but is filled with great stunts and good vibes.

Ready for a period piece where Johnny Depp speaks only in French? He plays King Louis XV in “Jeanne du Barry,” starring, written, produced, and directed by French star Maïwenn. It’s a biopic about the king’s infamous mistress Madame du Barry whose story has already been told about a dozen times on film. While sumptuously produced, this version is slow moving and never as compelling as it should have been.

Jerry Seinfeld makes his directorial debut with the genuinely wacky Netflix comedy, “Unfrosted,” about the 60s era rivalry between Kellogg’s and Post cereal as they fought to develop the Pop Tart. Seinfeld’s supporting cast is full of top comics who are obviously having a blast. For the most part, the giddiness is contagious.

The Amazon Prime rom com “The Idea of You” is aimed squarely at middle-aged women. Anne Hathaway plays a 40-year-old art dealer who winds up having an affair with a 24-year-old Harry Styles-type boy band member, played by Nicholas Galitizine. The stars are appealing and, for the most part, the movie is engaging even for those outside the demo. One quibble: There’s no reason to include raunchy elements. The R-rated “The Idea of You” could easily have been rated PG-13 and cast a much wider net.

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