Freeze Frame: “The Hunt” (R), “Wendy” (PG), “I Still Believe” (PG), “And Then We Danced” (R)

“The Hunt” is an ultra-violent, pitch black satire that’s trying to tap into the zeitgeist. In a contemporary reworking of “The Most Dangerous Game,” a group of wealthy liberal elites entrap citizens with hard right political beliefs and then hunt them down like game. Betty Gilpin from “GLOW” leads the cast as an Afghan War vet who gives her captors more than they bargained for. “The Hunt” is decadent and utterly shameless but is a skillfully made, well-paced thriller that many will consider a guilty pleasure.


“Wendy” is an arthouse reworking of the “Peter Pan” story. Writer/director Benh Zeitlin’s arty style will be immediately recognizable for anyone who saw his first feature, “Beasts of the Southern Wild.” Unfortunately, the tone of “Wendy” is so dour that it overwhelms and suffocates its occasionally magical moments.


The tragic true story of Christian music star Jeremy Camp’s first marriage provides the basis for the romantic drama “I Still Believe.” KJ Apa and Britt Robertson star in this sweet-natured tearjerker that goes through very familiar paces but manages to push viewers’ emotional buttons.


“And Then We Danced” is a film from Georgia about the sexual awakening of a young dancer in Tblisi. He struggles with poverty as well as his society’s repressive traditional mores as he tries to make it in the masculine arena of the National Georgian Ensemble. It’s a realistic and well-made glimpse into stereotyping and self-expression.


Also opening this week, “Bloodshot” is a Vin Diesel action thriller based on the bestselling comic book. “Swallow” is a drama about a woman who compulsively swallows foreign objects. “Big Time Adolescence” is a comic drama starring SNL’s Pete Davidson. “Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears” is a period mystery derived from the Australian TV series. “Ride Like a Girl” is a horse racing drama from Australia.

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