Freeze Frame: “The Irishman” (R), “Frozen II” (PG), “21 Bridges” (R)

Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino and Joe Pesci deliver the goods in Martin Scorsese’s epic, violent gangster flick, “The Irishman.” In a sweeping tale that takes place over a number of years, DeNiro plays a truck driver and hitman who serves as a go-between linking the Teamsters Union and the mob. Pacino plays the colorful union boss Jimmy Hoffa and Pesci is a soft-spoken Mafia boss. “The Irishman” is the work of a master filmmaker and a cast in full command of their craft. The length may be excessive, but “The Irishman” is an impressive, blood-soaked morality tale and savvy character study.


The much-anticipated sequel to the 2013 Disney blockbuster “Frozen” has arrived. While it isn’t quite as magical as the original, “Frozen II” successfully maintains its atmosphere, tone and themes of female empowerment. The plot is a little complicated, but the visuals are top notch and the vocals are stirring. It’s just what 7-year-old girls crave and “Frozen II” is likely to warm the hearts of parents, too.


Chadwick Boseman stars in the police thriller, “21 Bridges,” an action flick about the hunt for cop killers in Manhattan. After a number of cops are ambushed when they stumble into a drug robbery, the city closes all 21 of the borough bridges in an attempt to trap the perps. The terrific cast also includes Sienna Miller, J.K. Simmons and Stephan James, but their efforts only emphasize how badly this lamebrained movie needed their talents to make it seem better than it is. It’s an ugly, cynical mess.


Also opening this week, “3022” is a sci-fi thriller starring Omar Epps. “Give Me Liberty” is a chaotic farce about one difficult day in the life of a Russian-American van driver. Tom Hanks plays Mister Rogers in the gentle drama, “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.”

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