Freeze Frame: “Toy Story 4” (G), “Child’s Play (R)

It’s nothing less than a cinematic miracle. The folks at Pixar have gone back to an old mine and found more gold. “Toy Story 4” is a brilliantly conceived and executed animated story that works as a comedy, as an action adventure and as an emotionally satisfying conclusion to the series. As usual, Pixar’s animation is flawless, but they’ve focused their efforts on creating a meaningful screenplay that tackles some complex issues. Involving and entertaining, “Toy Story 4” is the best movie of 2019 so far. Expect the box office to go to infinity and beyond.


And speaking of toys, everyone’s favorite homicidal doll has returned. Chuckie is back in a reboot and reimagining of the modern horror classic, “Child’s Play.” Aubrey Plaza plays a single mom who gives her son a Buddi doll and all heck breaks loose. This time out, instead of being possessed by the spirit of a serial killer, Chucky is the product of artificial intelligence gone awry. Mark Hamill…yes, that Mark Hamill…provides the voice of the evil doll. With its emphasis on mordant humor, this version may not play well with some fan boys, but the movie builds enough steam in the wacky, apocalyptic final act to please undemanding fans.


Also opening this week, “Anna” is yet another action thriller about a female assassin from French director Luc Besson. “Pavarotti” is a documentary about the famed Italian tenor Luciano Pavarotti from director Ron Howard. “5B” is a documentary about the caregivers who risked all to help AIDS patients in the early 1980s. “The Spy Behind Home Plate” is a documentary about Moe Berg, the professional baseball catcher who was also a spy during WWII. “Thjs One’s for the Ladies” is a documentary about male strippers and the women who love them. And, we’re being offered two different horror anthologies, “V/S/H 2” and “Nightmare Cinema.”

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