Friend Within, TEED, Dusky, plus Liquid DnB SPECIAL & DISC 2 w/ Djrum & Hessle Audio!

J Zed is BACK on an all-new Mind The Gap this weekend with the latest tracks from Friend Within, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (TEED), Dusky, Disclosure, and Alan Fitzpatrick during The First 30 Mix…later on, she’ll be bringing you a special devoted to the liquid drum n bass genre featuring brand-new fire from Danny Byrd, Krakota, & Mitekiss, ending the show with a DISC 2 courtesy of Djrum and the latest release from the Hessle Audio label by new signing Bruce. LOG ON, OR JOG ON…link us at KKFI.ORG to stream worldwide, or locally at 90.1 FM.

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