From Ark to Microchip

First Half Hour:

CAPTURED BIRD: As We are On the Inside

New Songs and Reflections by Young Visual Artists
A KCAI Sound ProjectHonest, dreamy, reflective—- these songs and music by the Sound Art Collaborative at the Kansas City Art Institute featureJessica Andreas – vocals, bass, lyrics
Kyle Caris – guitar, bass, mix, production
Caitlyn Dreher – guitar, vocals, lyrics
Jin GNuk – Naga, mix                                                                                                                 Dan Rawlings – djembe
Jack Stanley – keyboard
Dwight Frizzell – WX5, clarinet, instructor, production

Hear Blurring My Vision by Caityn Dreher from the program–
Sound Art Collaborative is a group of visual artists working in animation, ceramics, sculpture, and graphic design, filmmaking and other areas from the Kansas City Art Institute who create music weekly through improvisation and developing songs for events broadcast. They performed with Ellen Fullman and her Long String Instrument, Sound Suit artist Nick Cave, Firesign Theatre’s David Ossman and trumpeter Kyle Quass. Their synesthetic Tasting Music was featured at the Wounded Galaxies Festival in Bloomington, Indiana. The group attempts to create an open, flexible and inclusive social practice within their ensemble, in public performance, in the creation of open-resource media, and through collaborations with other organizations and artists.
Some of their music is available royalty-free at the KCAI SFX Library–


Second Half Hour:

TREE of LIFE: The Music of Evolution
by Michael Henry (Star Trek Online) & Dwight Frizzell (Bridge)

What is the tree of life?
Where is our place in it?
Can we understand it by looking at a sketch of species, each one its own timeline, with some lines stopping, others continuing, and yet others branching off into new forms?
Can we hear it?
3 and half billion years of life in 16 minutes, with each life form on its own note,
playing to extinction or diverging into other species, other notes?
What would it sound like?

From Ark to Microchip presents Tree of Life, the Music of Evolution by Michael Henry and Dwight Frizzell, a musical realization of Charles Darwin’s ‘Tree of Life’ chart from his “Origin of Species” performed by Myth-Science Ensemble, the National Audio Theater Festivals and clarinetists from the University of Arkansas under the direction of Cholpachi Cholthitchanta. This program features Tim Simmons as Charles Darwin.

Hear the concert version of Tree of Life–
with Thomas Aber – xun, gaida & bass clarinet
Anne Marie Brown – violin
Peter Chun  – viola
Robert Carl – shakuhachi
Patrick Conway – bassoon
Larry Figg – cello
Dwight Frizzell – clarinet, writing & mix
Michael Henry – electro-acoustics & mix
Steve Gardels – live woodwinds recording engineer
Ben Taylor – string tree recording engineerCharles Darwin’s sketch of the divergence of species (as illustrated in his “Origin of Species”) presents his central organizing vision of shared descent, the understanding that all species ultimately evolved from a common ancestor in the distant past. From a single starting point, genetic changes in different populations send species down evolutionary pathways. Some of these branches survive, others split off to form new branches. Some branches wither with species extinct.Darwin’s metaphorical image was used to create this music. Sound progresses and develops from the time Darwin imagined life was “originally breathed into a few forms or into one.” Instrumental parts flow through the branching lines of divergence and extinction, increasing in complexity and diversity, representing 3.6 billion years of our evolutionary history — from simple, single-celled organisms to our present-day bio-diversity.

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