From Ark to Microchip: Ellen Fullman and the Long String Instrument

Ellen Fullman and the Long String Instrument
Cosmic Music Live from Kansas City
Thurs. March 30 at 7pm 

Ellen Fullman’s Long String Instrument creates a vast harmonic soundscape, its lines resonating to infinity. The instrument she built during her residency in Kansas City was 76-feet long! To hear it is to be inside it with Ellen traversing its expanse seeking precise overtones at precise locations along the strings’ path.

Ellen Fullman has been developing her installation, the Long String Instrument, for over 40 years exploring the acoustics of large resonant spaces with her compositions and collaborative improvisations all over the world. Every element in her installation has been explored and tested for tone color, or the filtering of the natural harmonic spectrum.

This remarkable program featuring Ellen Fullman and her Long String Instrument was recorded live at the Crossroads Gallery for the International Sculpture Conference by  Dwight Frizzell on October 27, 2017. Ellen Fullman graduated from KCAI in 1980. This program was made possible by the International Sculpture Conference, The Hartt School of Music, University of Harford, UMKC Conservatory of Music and Dance, Warwick Society, Kansas City Art Institute and Crossroads Gallery.

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