From Ark to Microchip presents HELIOPHONIE: Cosmic Music from the Sun

From Ark to Microchip
HELIOPHONIE: Cosmic Music from the Sun

“We are the children of the sun, each and every one.” –Sun Ra

We share in the light and natural harmonies from the sun through radiophonic space.

Our sun rings like a bell every 4 minutes 48 seconds. Entering the sun’s convection zone, harmonics pulse in quadra-pole rotation, and the magnetic braids of solar storms entangle with duettists from Myth-Science Ensemble.

The Myth-Science Ensemble places you inside the sun’s harmonically pulsing radiance as informed by helioseismology and solar hymns from Iunu, the Ancient Egyptian city of Ra-Atum.

Myth-Science Ensemble
Thomas Aber – bass clarinet, gaida
Patrick Conway – cajón, congas, solar gong, alto sax
Dwight Frizzell-WX5, electronics, WX5 wind-controller, mixage
William Plummer – cello
Matthew Johnson – synth
Matthew Phillips – guitar
Nathan Wheeler – Arturia sythesizer
Allan Winkler – solar gong
William Ellis Bradley- Sollung, Sollus flute (light-activated)
Joseph Watson- ceramic horn, Sollus flute
Ashley Miller- Sollus flute
Barbara Magiera – conductor

Recorded 2016-2021

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