From Ark to Microchip presents: The Earreach Project: Hidden Tones in the City & Music from the Aurora Borealis

The Earreach Project: Hidden Tones in the City
Hear the ringing life-force inside trees and the hidden harmonics of the city at the homegrown tempo of listening. Seven young Kansas City artists introduce new soundscapes made from recordings in our metro region featuring Echoes by Anthony Pratt, Is your party complete? by Rosalynn Jackson, Beat the Heat by Kristen Coates, Playing As the Soundscape by Nathan Starkey, Computer Ear Reach by Lucas Tamburelli, Hydrophonics by Tanner Williams, Earreaching Trees by Autumn Workman, Sidewalk Sonifications by Rosalynn Jackson, Talking to the Trail by Nathan Starkey, and Calligraphy in Sound by Kristen Coates. Production Sequencing & Editing by Nathan Starkey and Voice Recording/Editing by Tanner Williams. From The Soundscape, a KCAI Sound Minor class with instructor Dwight Frizzell.

Music from the Aurora Borealis
The aurora borealis is created from electrically charged particles released by the Sun traveling 92 million miles to the Earth where they interact with our own magnetic field. Earlier this month, an intensive Level 5 solar geomagnetic storm hit Earth producing the stunning visuals of the Nothern Lights here. The aurora borealis is heard in this program by using a natural radio to receive the sun-earth electromagnetic flux and transduce it to audible wavering tones. The Myth-Science ensemble used these tones as a sound bed to match, merge and soar with the Northern Lights featuring Robert Carl on shakuhachi, Thomas Aber (bass clarinet), Michael Miller (bass clarinet), Allaudin Ottinger (gongs), Kat Nechlebova (Theremin), Julia Thro (guitar) and Dwight Frizzell (WX5 midi-wind instrument).

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