From the Vault: Alice Coltrane

On January 12, 2007, Alice Coltrane passed away from respiratory failure in the West Hills of Los Angeles. She was 69.

Alice was a very humble woman, rarely speaking to the press and preferring to speak about John when she did. In July 2005, she was gracious enough to sit down with her friend and KPFK music programmer, Maggie LePique, and Mark Torres from the Pacifica Radio Archives.

The interview is intimate and personal, sticking mostly to John’s life and her life with him, but it is candid and unlike any other interview Alice Coltrane gave.

We’re proud to say it only exists here in the Pacifica Radio Archives.

And this week, to honor Alice Coltrane and her husband John Coltrane, we air excerpts from the documentary that was made from the original interview, entitled ‘Trane Legacy.

We also play selections from the famous Frank Kovsky 1966 interview with John Coltrane.

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