From the Vault: Immigration and Labor 1982 and 2017

We begin by looking back at how Immigrants and Undocumented laborers were perceived in 1982 during the Ronald Reagan Presidency. KPFA producer Richard Gonzalez gathered a diverse panel of experts to discuss the many topics of the immigrant work force.

The panel included moderator Armando Valdez, then the Director of The Center for Chicano Research at Stanford University, Joaquin Avila President and lead council Mexican American Legal Defense Fund, Betita Elizabeth Martinez known affectionately to her fans as Betita Martinez to the fans of her book, 400 Years Of Chicano History in Pictures. Ignacio de la Fuente, of the International Molders and Allied Workers Union Local 164.

Together, they survey the history, bust they myths and make sense of the outrage when the subject turns to undocumented workers.

Next we turn to a conversation I had with Marisa Montes and Alejandro Barajas of the Loyola Law Schools Immigrant Justice Clinic. Marisa Montes is the Co Director of the clinic and Alejandro Barajas is one of their staff attorneys. Lets get into this conversation to some current challenges to our immigrant communities.

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