FTV 336 2012 Season Review, Part 4

This week on From the Vault continue to feature selections our favorite episodes of the past year:

Ray Bradbury
We pay homage to legendary sci-fi writer Ray Bradbury through two classic recordings from Pacifica Radio Archives: The World of Ray Bradbury (1964) – in which Bradbury traces the evolution of his unique writing style, from his childhood to that day; and a recording from the International Colloquium on Mars (1973), in which Bradbury reflects on the literary and visionary masters before him that inspired him as a child to dream.
Poetry of Bukowski and Levertov
Celebrate National Poetry Month with the earliest known recordings of poet and cult icon Charles Bukowski (August 5, 1962, Los Angeles – he gave KPFK listeners a Bukowski earful!) and British-born American poet Denise Levertov, who frequently framed her poetry to express her personal politics (November 10, 1961, UC Berkeley Speech Department poetry reading).

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