FTV 340 The 10 Greatest Protest Songs of the 20th Century

In the summer of 1999, the Gene Autry Museum of Western Heritage presented a brilliant Woody Guthrie exhibit called this This Land is Your Land: The Life and Legacy of Woodie Guthrie. On the final day of the exhibit, Sunday, September 26, 1999, Los Angeles based folk singer Ross Altman was invited to perform a program called The 10 Greatest Protest Songs of the 20th Century. This week on From the Vault, you’ll hear Ross Altman tell the stories and perform songs from folk greats such as Leadbelly, Phil Ochs, Pete Seeger, Florence Reece, and, of course, Woody Guthrie.

Ross Altman has a Ph.D. in English. Before becoming a full-time folk singer he taught college English and Speech. He now sings around California for libraries, unions, schools, political groups and folk festivals

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