G.Y.R.L. (Giving Yourself Real Love) building strong communities in the Metropolitan Kansas City area

Led by Ms. E., “the Power Broker”, G.Y.R.L. (Giving Yourself Real Love) is building strong communities in the Metropolitan Kansas City area.

G.Y.R.L. (Giving Yourself Real Love) is a mentoring and outreach organization that includes women and men from all walks of life, that believes everyone has a purpose and meaning in this life. G.Y.R.L.’s mission is to provide a place where women and girls from the Greater Kansas City Metropolitan area can come together and  build a better place socially, educationally, economically, politically and spirituality. G.Y.R.L. deals with real life issues and works to strengthen communities and families by focusing on  youth, senior citizens,  women, and girls. G.Y.R.L. is a non-profit organization building strong and lasting communities.  G.Y.R. L. programs include, Taking It to the Street, Teen Mother Support Group, Member Support Groups, HIV-AIDS, Motivational Speakers.

G.Y.R.L. Princesses & Young Kings, a program where girls and boys,  ages 7-17 years learn life skills including, healthy cooking and eating, sewing, arts, crafts, etiquette, character building, marital arts, academic development. Princesses and Young Kings will be given the opportunity to become entrepreneurs, and  will participate in G.Y.R.L.’s  Youth Market. Saturday, Sept. 7th – Nov. 7, 2022.  Enrollment and Info at  [email protected]

G.Y.R.L. Domestic Violence Victims, Survivors Memorial Garden The only Memorial Rose Garden dedicated to domestic violence and Survivors, located at G.Y.R.L. Village, 3837 Chestnut Ave Kansas City, MO 64130


Host and producer: Donna Morrow Wolfe

Co-host: Karen E.Griffin


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