Gay Parenting Part 2 – James Howe

We continue our look at gay parenting in this fascinating discussion with James Howe, a well-known author. In this interview, Jim talks with OutCaster Jamie about what it was like to grow up as gay in the 1950s and 1960s, why he felt he couldn’t come out until later in life, and the support systems that eventually assisted him in coming out. They also talk about his strong desire to be a dad, about the difficulties he and his family experienced as he accepted his gay identity and transitioned into a new life outside of his marriage to his wife, and about his relationship with his daughter and the effects his coming out had on her.

This is the second part of an OutCasting series on gay parenting. The first part featured Gabriel Blau, a longtime LGBTQ activist, who married his husband and adopted a child. In contrast, our guest on this program, James Howe became a father in a heterosexual marriage and came out during the course of his marriage.


OutCasting youth participants Alex, Samantha, Andrea, Max, Quinn, Nico, Lauren, Dante, Lucas, Jamie, Sarah, Brianna, and Dhruv. Assistant producers Alex Mintz and Josh Valle; Executive Producer: Marc Sophos.

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