GOP and Iranian Hardliners Find Common Cause

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GOP and Iranian Hardliners Aim to Kill International Iran Nuclear Deal

MP3 Interview with Paul Kawika Martin, political director with Peace Action, conducted by Scott Harris


In a long-awaited announcement, the group of nations, known as the P5+1 – the U.S., Britain, France Russia, China and Germany – revealed on April 2 that a framework had been agreed upon, ensuring that Iran’s nuclear program remains peaceful. The negotiations with Tehran, which began in November 2013, temporarily froze the Iranian nuclear program in place while negotiators worked to hammer out a long-term agreement.  Story continues

Programs to Eliminate Homelessness Within Reach, But Require Funding

MP3 Interview with Steve Berg, vice president for programs and policy at the National Alliance to End Homelessness, conducted by Melinda Tuhus


The economic recovery in the U.S. has meant more jobs, lower official unemployment rates, and along with that, a small drop in the number of the nation’s homeless population. According to a new report from the National Alliance to End Homelessness, the rate of homelessness fell by just 2.3 percent, and the number of people at risk of homelessness has yet to return to pre-recession levels. The downside of the recovery is that housing prices are heading upward again. The federal government defines the homeless as those without a permanent place to live, including those on the street, in shelters, or doubling up with family or friends.  Story continues

Citizen Groups Urge President to Issue Executive Order Mandating Federal Contractors Disclose Political Spending

MP3 Interview with Aquene Freechild, co-director of Public Citizen’s Democracy Is For People Campaign, conducted by Scott Harris


Ever since the controversial Supreme Court rulings in the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission and McCutcheon v. FEC cases that opened the floodgates of unlimited and unaccountable money in U.S. election campaigns, activists across the country have been working to reverse the decisions. But short of a constitutional amendment, which requires approval by a two-thirds vote in both the Senate and House, followed by two-thirds of the 50 states ratifying the measure, progress will be incremental.  Story continues

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