Greg Razer, Senate District 7, reports from Jeff City

Greg Razer represents Missouri Senate District 7 in the Missouri General Assembly.  He discusses his perceptions and desires regarding what is happening in the Missouri state Senate with Radio Active Magazine regular Spencer Graves.

* Local control of police in St. Louis and Kansas City:  Senator Razer supports local control but wants a consensus of how Kansas City wants that to be structured before he supports legislation for that.  There is some urgency, because some state senators from St. Louis want to strip their city of that responsibility and return it to the Governor, as it currently is for Kansas City.

* Transgender children and how African Americans are portrayed in history taught in Missouri schools:  There are maybe 10 transgender children in Missouri, and the Republican leaders in the Missouri state Senate have been devoting most of the time in the Senate on whether those children can participate in sports consistent with their gender identity.

* The decline in the quality of news and the corresponding increase in political polarization:  This is a major problem.

* Outlawing texting and driving — worse than driving drunk.
* Under Missouri law, “pregnancy” is defined as beginning on the first day of a woman’s last menstrual cycle. That means that a woman can be pregnant under Missouri law without having had intercourse. Thus, if a woman takes any pill, device like an IUD or a procedure intended not to increase the likelihood of a live birth, that’s an abortion under one interpretation of current Missouri law. Senator Razer has introduced legislation to say that those actions do not constitute an abortion.

* Outlaw unlawful discharge of a firearm: We don’t want people shooting bullets into the air, because some of those bullets actually kill people.

* Require Kansas City voters to renew the earnings tax every 10 years rather than every 5 under current Missouri law:  It would make it easier for Kansas City to get better bond ratings.

* Missouri Governor Mike Parson’s 2023 State of the State message contained many things that Senator Razer likes and hopes can get bipartisan support, such as improved funding for early childhood education.

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