Clause on racial justice

This is a rebroadcast of the first half of a one-hour special on “Black Voices, White Allies“, which originally aired 2020-07-21.  Click here for the full hour.  

RadioActive Magazine founder Bill Clause discusses the problems of racial injustice in the US in the 1960s, the progress since, and the problems that still remain with several others.  A woman from MORE2 describes her concerns and activism.  Catina Taylor says that for every black man, whose slaying by police have made the news recently, there are two black women sexually assaulted and / or killed under color of law:  We need to “Say her name.”  Joseph Jackson discusses his experience as a black 16-year old running from a parking garage to try to go to the bathroom before watching a movie on the plaza, and being detained for 90 minutes by law enforcement, while he proved that he owned the car he and his two black friends had arrived in.  Keith Washburn and Danny Cox describe similar concerns.

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