Halloween Special: Loving Fear

Since she was 5 years old, “haunter” Anna Somch has been one of a subgroup of people who make a lifestyle out of staffing haunted houses. She describes how haunted houses are run from the staffs’ perspectives, why this is her passion, and why it is good for people to go to haunted houses and get scared.

Associate professor Bambi Yost, at the School of Design at Iowa State University, co-authored and presented an article, “Making room for Risk in Playground Environments and Playground STandards” explains why children need to experieince risk and fear in play.

Author and sociologist Margee Kerr describes her book, Scream, Chilling Adventures in the Science of Fear. Kerr seeks out experiences that scare her and then writes about it.


Interviews by Ursula Ruedenberg, KHOI Ames, IA and Kevin Poelcher, WPPJ Pittsburgh, PA.

Edited and produced by Stephanie Schubert, Pacifica Network

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