Heartland Song Network Local Showcase Takeover

Heartland Song Network’s Julie Bennett Hume joins KKFI Host Diana Linn from KKFI’s Tasty Brew Music Radio Show to showcase songs recently penned by some of it’s members, including those from a recent Spring Collaboration Project.  Heartland Song Network (“HSN” is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to empower the creation of song (regardless of genre) through education, collaboration and mentorship.  Featured will be new music from the following HSN collaborators:  Rex Pryor and Alisa Jefferson, Mark Hamblin and Victor Penniman, Tom Tipton and Chris Wenske, Elexa Dawson and Jess Jocoy, Scott DeVouton and Jill Westra, Julie Bennett Hume and Sally Vee.

Also planned is a visit with HSN Member Kate Whitefield, a local songwriter and high school student who has been hosting a series of song swaps in local venues with young songwriters from Heartland middle and high schools.  In many cases, these song swaps are the first public appearances for these songwriters and the debut of their original material.

Host Diana Linn is also a Member and Co-Founder of HSN.


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