Hemp and Your Health – The Crew From The CBD Store Returns To Answer Your Questions

Hemp and Your Health – The Crew From The CBD Store Returns To Answer Your Questions

While folks are working to legalize medical cannabis across the nation CBD oil (hemp oil) is already legal in every state and has many therapeutic benefits with negligible harmful side effects. The CBD store at 18th and Oak is a Kansas City based producer and dispensary of CBD oil. There is a wealth of research from across the planet that has proven the benefits of CBD oil and medical cannabis. You can get a start on your own research at – https://healthyhempoil.com/cannabidiol/

Today’s broadcast is a call in show with the folks from the CBD Store in Crossroads. Vincent Sanders, Brendan Hodgson and Dacia Kimber are in to talk with host Beth Pike about the benefits of CBD oil. They will have information on the science and much more. Call in and ask. 816-931-5534

***As mentioned on the broadcast there are bills in the US House and Senate to preserve the legality of products made with hemp From CBD oil to hemp paper to cloth. You can call your Representative and Senators and let them know you support this legislation. HR 1635 is the bill in the House and SB 1333 is the bill in the Senate.

If you support the legalization of cannabis you can call your legislators and tell them to support the bill Senator Bernie Sanders has introduced SB 2237 as well.

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